So, maybe no one actually expected Annaliese Puccini and Kamil Nicalek to get married after Bachelor in Paradise, but the way that he chose to publicly dump her on-stage was totally brutal. On Oct. 3, co-stars Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt revealed that the whole situation ruined Kamil’s Bachelor Nation reputation, and that no one even talks to him anymore. 

The fan-favorite couple appeared on The Morning Toast on Wednesday morning, and they were asked if there’s “anyone from the season who you are not on good terms with or that you don’t speak to anymore.” Of course, the first name out of their mouths was Leo Dottavio (no surprise there), but the second name was a bit more unexpected.

“Nobody talks to Kamil really,” said Astrid, referencing his shocking announcement on stage that he didn’t see a future with Annaliese. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It was so cringeworthy, it was terrible.”

Kevin was just as freaked out watching the whole thing unfold. “It was the cringiest thing,” he said. “I’ve never… I stared at Colton and [Astrid] stared at Bibi and we couldn’t even look at the stage the entire time.”

While Annaliese was flustered and stunned in the moment, Astrid says she’s taking things in stride. “I think she’s doing well,” she said. “I think she’s doing better. I don’t know, we’ve been like in our own bubble.” 

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Annaliese and I met under unique circumstances that not many can relate to. I was and am still very confused by the speed that feelings and commitments take place in this setting. It is not easy. @annaliesep and I were real,and the strong feelings for one another were mutually shared. . She is a great woman. Out of mutual respect for her and myself, I had to be honest about my feelings because a relationship is nothing without either of those. . Making those decisions are never easy but finding Love in a true, lasting relationship is more important. The time we had away from this amazing experience I was able to put things in context for something you take truly and sincerely seriously. . How I feel in my heart is what I believe to be the right decision for everyone involved. . It’s not easy but it is right. It would be disingenuous to say otherwise. . People will say or think otherwise but I wasn’t in this experience to be anyone else but me. . Annaliese and I are committed to one another through mutual respect and friendship, and we will continue to support one another. I hope you will also support and respect the woman that she is. I hope she finds someone that is right for her, and I wish the same for me. ❤️

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As of Sept. 16, Annaliese was still struggling. She took to Instagram, writing, “the moment I met Kamil I knew I was in trouble. From the min he got there we spent all day everyday together, having deep conversations and being silly and laughing. He was my best friend. Since our public break up, I have been very confused by my feelings.  I am hurt, I am angry, I am heartbroken, but most of all I am very disappointed.  I thought I had found my person.”

If you’re curious: no, even Annaliese doesn’t talk to Kamil. “I still care about the man I fell in love with on that beach, but I don’t see that man anymore,” she said. “I will not go backwards… so now I need to heal and move on, and I will!” Good for you girl! On the other hand, Kamil recent wrote on Instagram that “time heals” and he’s “living his best life.” We wish them both the best.

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