Putting a ring on it! Bachelor in Paradise couple Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb opens up on a possible engagement in a video interview with In Touch

“I’m not just going to date to date,” Noah tells In Touch exclusively while promoting the pair’s latest partnership with GrubHub and MasterChef. “I’m at that point. We’ve been dating for 10 months. That is the goal.” 

“We’re moving at our pace,” Abigail adds. “We have a lot going on, a lot of exciting trips, and we’re in a new area. We just moved in together, so life is still very, very exciting.” 

Enjoying their new life as homebodies, the season 25 contestant adds, “We don’t like to go out that much anymore, so our favorite kind of date nights are to order in, get a bottle of wine, and put on our favorite show,” before adding, “So, with MasterChef, you get these really high-quality meals right in your own home. We’ve been trying to do some cooking, but it hasn’t taken off. So, we’re still ordering in.”

Noah and Abigail began their romance on season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise and definitely had their shares of ups and downs throughout the spinoff. While the duo are now happily sharing cozy nights in, their romance on the series ended on a heartbreaking note. After Noah didn’t get the answer he was looking for when he told her he was falling for her, Noah cut things off at the Paradise Prom by telling Abigail she wasn’t “The One.” However, the BiP finale revealed the couple reunited after realizing they “missed each other.” 

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“When the cameras shut off, we started talking again,” the Oregon native says of the time following their breakup. “It was really easy, just to kinda have the conversations that I felt like I wasn’t able to have on TV and really get to know each other, but it’s been going really well. It’s been almost a year.” 

“It’s been nice being away from the cameras and seeing the side of Abigail that I saw in paradise,” the travel nurse adds. “But no distractions, no like cameras or anything like that. It’s nice being able to see, like the fun, goofy side that I’ve her that I love.” 

The Bachelor Nation alums also shared their advice to those hitting the beach for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise

“Don’t get caught in a lie,” Noah advises. “Don’t lie.” 

“Trust your gut because I remember, there are so many voices and opinions, whether it’s from producers or a lot of comparing yourself with other relationships on the beach,” Abigail continues. “Just kind of put yourself at the forefront of it all. It’s your journey, it’s your experience. You’re the one that’s gonna have to live with the outcome of what happens at the end of it.”