When it comes to The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and even Bachelor in Paradise — there’s no denying that it takes a village. Sure, when things come down to it, there are just two people in love — but along the way, there are countless producers, on-set therapists, and even fellow contestants there for the ride. But what you may not have realize is that there’s also an entire glam squad keeping your Bachelor fam looking on fleek.

That’s right — there are stylists and makeup artsts on set, guaranteeing that everyone on-set looks picture perfect. Well, maybe not everyone…

Contestants on the show — most notably, the women who have competed on The Bachelor — have been incredibly candid about what it’s like to pack for a trip that can take you anywhere in the world, and just as terrifyingly, end at any moment. Plus, the cast is responsible for their own wardrobe and hair/makeup, which is significantly more stressful when sharing a living space with around 30 other women — not to mention, you’re going to have a national audience watching you.

But in an interview with Allure, Season 17 winnier Catherine Giudici-Lowe revealed a little set secret: You actually have professionals helping with your hair and makeup both the first night, and the night of the final rose ceremony. (Similarly, any season’s lead and Chris Harrison get the VIP treatment from both hair/makeup and wardrobe throughout the entire season.)

So who are these very talented people getting our beloved Bachelors and Bachelorettes camera-ready?! Keep reading to get to know the Glam Squad!

Cary Fetman, Stylist

Are you already obsessing over every single outfit Becca Kufrin has worn — whether it’s her casual date ensembles, or her sparking rose ceremony gowns? If you answered yes, you have Cary Fetman to thank for her stunning looks!

The stylist — who details on the season’s looks on Instagram, thank God — has explained that he typically sits down with a lead before filming to get to know his/her taste, and then caters their outfits to both their personal style and the occasion of the date. In an interview he did during Jojo’s season, he confessed that he likes to mix and match high priced items with more affordable pieces to make the looks more accessible for viewers at home (we and our wallets thank you for that, Cary).

“I always try to mix something expensive with something affordable,” he told Who What Wear. “So if I have one great jacket, I’ll put it with Zara jeans or an Old Navy tank top, as opposed to making sure each piece is expensive. I love the idea of fantasy mixed with reality, so that our audience can see that they can do it too, or they can do something similar. IT’s more aout the look. You don’t have to copy the look if you can’t afford it, but there, you know, Forever 21. You can certainly find something that’s similar to what I’m doing and be able to wear it.”

Krystine Couch, Assistant Stylist

You didn’t think that all of the lead’s amazing looks were the product of only one brilliant mind, did you?! Krystine Couch is another stylist who, along with Cary, tailors the perfect ensemble for our beloved Bachelorette and Bachelor stars!

According to her LinkedIn, she works hard to make sure everything is appropriately budgeted, and anything on loan makes it back to its home in a timely matter. Like Cary, she often posts outfit breakdowns on Instagram so any casual fan can shop the look!

Gina Modica, Makeup Artist

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Night one !! Here’s a breakdown of the products used for @bkoof make up this evening. #thebachelorette Night 1 🌹. •Skin Prep- @glycelene Rejuvenation creme Opalescent Eye Serum. . •Foundation- @temptu. •Eyes – @katvondbeauty Sinners & Saints – Ashes & Crucifix •Eye liner – @makeupforeverofficial -Aqua Black •Highlight- @kevynaucoin Matte To Glow •Lip liner – @marcbeauty – Cream & Sugar •Lipstick- @marcbeauty – Cream & Sugar •Lip gloss- @marcbeauty Cream & Sugar •Brows – @thebalm_cosmetics Furrowcious •Concealer- @amazingcosmetics •Mascara- @stilacosmetics Huge •Lashes – short individual flair lashes •Blush – @narsissist – Angelika & Deep Throat •Under eye powder- @narsissist -Translucent- Crystal #hair @havanahair5 #stylist @caryfetman @krystine_couch #tan @kwsol.airbrushtanning #bachelornation #makeupbyginamodica @bacheloretteabc @bachelorabc

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If you ever found yourself envious of a Bachelorette’s beat on the show, meet your idol: Gina Modica. Not only does she make unforgettable looks, but she also breaks them down consistently on Instagram in case you want to recreate it at home.

In an interview with Refinery 29, she broke down some the biggest challenges as the onset makeup artist — which includes making sure lipstick stays kiss-proof and lashes stay tear-proof (we’re looking at you, Rachel Lindsay!). In another interview, she confirmed what she always suspected — that it is even better than our wildest fantasies.

“I’ve been with the Bachelor franchise since the second season. I think it’s been close to 15 years now,” she said. “There aren’t a lot of jobs where you can travel the world and do what you love and get to work with great people. It really is a dream job.”

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