Tell ’em, Lauren! Former Bachelor contestant, Lauren Bushnell, has some thoughts for people who are body shaming her on Instagram. The ex-fiancé of Ben Higgins wrote a heartfelt statement saying that she “cannot help” the way she looks nor should she “be ashamed of it.” Basically, the Bachelor Nation favorite wants people to know that body shaming can work two ways.

On Dec. 13, the reality starlet admitted that she weighs herself every other day as she promoted a body weight scale on her Instagram account.

Lauren Bushnell weighing herself on Instagram

This caused fans to call her out for her slim figure, which she found to be pretty unfair. Even though Lauren said she didn’t feel like she should have to address something like her weight, she took to Instagram to clap back at the body shamers.


“I have been around 115-118 pounds since high school. Obviously, as a woman, it’s fluctuated some but for me, this seems to be a healthy weight,” she said in the written post.

Lauren Bushnell responds to body shamers on instagram

She continued, “I by no means think everyone should be this weight or feel the need to weigh themselves every day. I also by no means think it’s acceptable to tell thin women that they are not ‘spreading body positivity.’ This has to stop. I am built the way that I am. I cannot help it nor should I be ashamed of it.” Lauren also added that she weighs herself frequently because she’s actually trying to gain a few pounds.

Lauren Bushnell white crop top and skirt
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The starlet continued her statement by assuring people that she feels good in her own skin. She said, “No one should be ashamed of who they are. No one should be attached to a number on a scale. Love yourself. Love others. Live a healthy, balanced life. Because at the end of the day, what’s inside matters a whole lot more than what’s on the outside anyway.”

Overall, the starlet seems super happy in her new relationship with country singer Chris Lane and enjoying life. Twirl on the haters, Lauren!