Wedding planning can be really stressful and former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay couldn’t agree more. The reality star was supposed to get married in 2018, but unfortunately, she couldn’t plan everything in time. What’s even worse is that some of her friends from Bachelor Nation might not make the cut, yikes!

“I was like, ‘we’re getting married in 2018.’ News alert, it’s not happening. So fingers crossed, early 2019,” the 33-year-old told Life & Style at the WE tv celebrates the return of Love After Lockup with the panel Real Love: Relationship Reality TV’s Past, Present & Future. “I actually have to start accepting responsibility that I am planning a wedding. I have never been the girl who like, pulled out that book and was like, I’m getting married, and this is how I am getting married.” It sounds like you better start making some arrangements there, girl!

The brunette beauty and her fiancé, Bryan Abasolo, haven’t decided if their wedding is going to be big or small yet. If they decide to have an intimate wedding, she confessed, “I’m going to hurt a lot of feelings, but I’m going to have the wedding that we want, surrounded by the people we love the most, and I want to do it as soon as possible. I don’t want to put off a wedding because I’m planning something big for everybody else.”

Welp, does that mean none of her friends are coming to their wedding? “So, my girls hate me for this because I am very close to some girls from my season when I was on The Bachelor, but if we do a small wedding, they’re not invited.” OMG, we’re crying over here. “And they’re so mad at me about it. They’re like, ‘We’re sneaking into that wedding and we’re going to [find] out, we’ll be there.’ But I am just like, listen, it’s going to be family. Both Bryan and I have huge families, or very, very close friends I’ve known my entire life.”

Ugh, while we are super bummed that her friends from Nick Viall’s season won’t be in attendance like Astrid Loch, Raven Gates, and Alexis Waters, at least she knows how to celebrate with them! “We’ll make it up in a bachelorette party,” she said.

OK, fine, that sounds good to us. Just make sure to take lots of pics so we can pretend like we’re there!

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