Get ready Bachelor Nation! Rachel Lindsay has babies on the brain — and the former Bachelorette made sure fiancé Bryan Abasolo knew about her intentions. In an adorable Instagram post, Bryan poses with his baby cousin — and he acknowledged he has very little experience when it comes to toddlers.

“Clearly I don’t know how to hold a baby properly yet and @noahaliarriola agrees,” he captioned the pic. However, what Rachel comments below reassures the Miami chiropractor that he will be getting some practice in no time. Watch the video below to see her sweet message!

As expected, fans loved the ideas of Bryan and Rachel starting a family together. “You two are gonna make beautiful babies! And I want a televised wedding,” one follower wrote before another added, “The world definitely needs a beautiful RnB baby!!!!!”

This is not the first time the couple has spoken out about wanting kids. “She wants four with the fourth being an accident down the line and I want three,” Bryan told Us Weekly. “And she’ll probably win in the end and we’ll have four.” Rachel agreed, adding, “We’re having four.”

However, it seems first they are determined to get married first — and that can happen at any minute! “I’m ready to be married,” she added. “I keep saying winter wedding, which more so with the process of everything is what it’s looking like, but honestly I could elope with Bryan tomorrow and it’s so funny because my mom texted me the other day and she goes, ‘Secretly I would love for you to just elope.’ The family loves him.”

She continued, “I want four kids. Bryan wants three, but he also says it depends on how many we can afford. See, this is what I mean about Bryan, he’s so practical. I’m just like, ‘Give me all the babies. If we can’t have them, we’re adopting.’ So we’ll see.”