It seems like almost all of the former contestants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette leave the show feeling like it was worth it, even if they don’t win the heart of the lead. That’s because they always make amazing friends that seem to stay close long after the cameras stop rolling. That’s certainly true for Rachel Lindsay, who went on to become The Bachelorette, and even brought her pals on the show to help her pick the man that would ultimately become her fianceé. So why is she now saying that she probably won’t invite those girls to her wedding to Bryan Abasolo?

Rachel co-hosted The Morning Toast podcast on Oct. 25, and while she admitted that she hasn’t done much planning for her long-awaited wedding, she’s pretty confident that her Bachelor pals won’t get the invite for one simple reason. “Being 33, Bryan being 38, we either need to have a 600 plus person wedding, or it’s going to have to be super small, family only,” Rachel explained. “I’m leaning towards family only, I’m thinking overseas, probably Italy, super small like 50 people or less, just family. Later I’ll do soemthing for the family at home, but it’s like super small, super close family, like not even — sorry, Bachelor girls — not even them. They’ll get it, we’ll make it up at the bachelorette party.”

Host Jackie Oshry feared that not all of the girls would understand, especially because Alexis Waters told her she expected to be a bridesmaid. “Listen, if I’m inviting Bachelor girls, Alexis is at the top of the list, obviously,” said Rachel about her bestie. Rach is also close with Raven Gates, Whitney Fransway, and more of her former fellow contestants.

Lowkey, we hope Rachel changes her mind and invites the girls, and that could still happen because so far nothing is set in stone. The only thing that Rachel does want fans to know she’s sure about is Bryan. “Here’s the good news, Bryan and I are legit, he’s not going anywhere,” said Rachel. “We’re not stalling because we’re having problems, the one amazing thing in my life is Bryan. I just need to take the time to plan the wedding!”

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