We get it, girl — we miss summer, too. Model Bella Hadid was spotted nearly showing off all her ~assets~ in a super skimpy bikini selfie on Instagram on October 23, and not gonna lie, we were glad for the glimpse. After all, she was recently named the most beautiful woman in the world.

In a captionless selfie posted directly to her feed, the 23-year-old posed in a frilly black bikini top that barely covered the goods, with her tousled hair in a top knot and two braids. It seems as though she took the photo somewhere tropical or beachy, holding onto those last moments of summer.

We definitely don’t blame the brunette beauty there. Considering she works so much, it must be hard to find the kind of serious downtime you want to have during the warmest months of the year. But, to be fair, she has a ton to show for her grind.

In fact, Bella just shared some emotional thoughts from a big milestone for her: her latest Vogue cover for the Netherlands branch of the powerhouse mag.

“This cover is very bittersweet. I’ve always wanted to do my Dutch vogue cover in Holland to represent my family, my mother, my cousins, my aunt, uncle and especially my Oma,” she captioned a series of seven photos from her spread on October 22, including her cover. “Finally I was able to have the opportunity, but on this day, I got a phone call from my mom right when we finished our last shot.”

Bella Hadid and Her Grandmother

“She said Oma passed that afternoon. This was one of the worst phone calls and all I wished, had I done it sooner, she would have been able to see it to tell me what she thought,” she concluded. “I hope she is proud of me. I love you Oma and Mama. This was such a memorable day in so many ways.”

Bella and Gigi Hadid‘s grandmother passed away back in late August and both girls made several posts in tribute at the time. Though it is obviously a hurtful moment in her life, we’re glad there will be a positive memory for Bella to look back on when she thinks of her Oma.