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From ‘Real Housewives’ to Runway Queen: See How Bella Hadid Has Changed Through the Years!

Then and now! Bella Hadid‘s modeling career has skyrocketed in just a few short years. Before walking runways all over the world, the starlet appeared alongside her mother, Yolanda Hadid, on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now, she and her older sister Gigi Hadid are two of the biggest names in the fashion world. She started modeling at just 17, and eight years later, she’s more beautiful than ever.

Bella’s first foray into public life was in 2012, when she started appearing on the Bravo reality series alongside her ex-model mama, her older sister and her younger brother, Anwar Hadid. Yolanda’s storyline on the show focused a lot on raising her teenagers alongside her then-husband, David Foster. At the time, Gigi was in the early days of pursuing her modeling career — and young teen Bella was watching on the sidelines.

After a couple of years on reality TV, the high schooler made her own transition into the fashion world and blew up almost as quickly as her older sibling. In fact, folks were so drawn to Bella’s natural beauty, they were sure it had to be the result of cosmetic surgery. The Vogue cover girl has fielded all sorts of rumors over the years about what treatments she may or may not have had done.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe, who has not treated Bella, weighed in on the possibility of the starlet going under the knife exclusively to Life & Style. “Miss Hadid appears to have had fillers to enhance her cheek structure, undergone a rhinoplasty and received lip fillers to accentuate her lip volume. Also, it seems like she’s underdone either a surgical brow lift or use of neuromodulators to achieve eyebrow,” the doctor explained.

The expert added that growing up is partly to credit. “Puberty has absolutely aided in Miss Hadid’s development and enhancement of her beautiful feminine facial features, however, her attention paid to skin health and the additions of subtle cosmetic enhancements throughout the years have also helped,” he said.

The supermodel recently opened up about her experience with cosmetic procedures for Vogue’s April 2022 cover story. She explained that there’s only one that she regrets.

“I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors,” Bella said in reference to a rhinoplasty that she underwent at 14. “I think I would have grown into it.”

In the interview, Bella also addressed the public’s speculations surrounding her changing appearance.

“People think I fully f—ed with my face because of one picture of me as a teenager looking puffy,” she said. “I’m pretty sure you don’t look the same now as you did at 13, right? I have never used filler. Let’s just put an end to that. I have no issue with it, but it’s not for me.”

The notable change in her eye shape, she explained, can be accredited to face tape— “the oldest trick in the book.” The model went on to say that the accusations from the public have led to her experiences with imposter syndrome, which she has discussed on her social media platforms in the past.

“I’ve had this impostor syndrome where people made me feel like I didn’t deserve any of this,” Bella said. “People always have something to say, but what I have to say is, I’ve always been misunderstood in my industry and by the people around me.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Bella’s complete transformation from teen to top model!