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Expert Patti Woods Dissects Ben Affleck’s Body Language With Jennifer Garner vs. Jennifer Lopez

A picture is worth a thousand words. Body language is also extremely telling, especially when it comes to Ben Affleck and his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, and the actor and his current wife, Jennifer Lopez.

“He seems so relaxed and, well, happy when he’s with Jen, but with ​J. Lo, he seems tense, even angry at times,” a source tells Life & Style. “Ben put Jen through hell when they were together, but they’ve worked past all of that. There’s been a lot of healing, and they may be closer now — as friends — than they were when they were a couple.”

Also, being married to J. Lo “can’t be easy,” adds the source. “She can be very intense, and Ben gets caught up in that. He can get a little on edge.”

Life & Style went to body language expert Patti Wood to decode Ben’s complicated relationships with his two Jens.