Fact: There is a Rihanna song for every occasion. No, seriously, there is. So whether you’re getting ready for a grueling day at work or a boozy brunch with friends, RiRi should be your go-to soundtrack. Problem is, with eight studio albums, two compilation albums, two remix albums and 71 freakin’ singles, it’s nearly impossible to choose which jam to put on.

That’s where we come in. Ultimately, narrowing this list down to 10 was the most difficult thing we’ve ever done. However, we are confident that these selections will be the perfect background noise to get ready to … no matter where you’re going!

Rihanna Performing


If you weren’t humming “Work” every day in 2016, we can’t be friends. The hit single off of Rihanna’s Anti album became an instant classic — and for good reason!

“We Found Love”

Can you believe “We Found Love” came out in 2011? The single (featuring Calvin Harris) may have sad lyrics, but the beat is quite the opposite. Plus, the music video starring RiRi and her then-rumored flame Dudley O’Shaughnessy is everything.

“Love on the Brain”

Are you surprised that we put a slow song on here? Don’t be. “Love on the Brain” is beautiful! It’s a perfect song to grab your hairbrush and lip sync along to. 

“Don’t Stop the Music”

While you can totally listen to “Don’t Stop The Music” before your eight-hour shift, this is definitely one of those RiRi songs to play ahead of a night out.


Are you already singing the lyrics? Yeah, us too. *You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh.* It’s just one of those happy feel-good songs that everyone enjoys.

“What’s My Name?”

As much as we’re here to praise Rihanna, “What’s My Name?” is on this list partially because of Drakes feature. What can we say? His verses on the 2010 track are just too good.


Rihanna and Drake at The Brit Awards in 2016
Richard Young/Shutterstock

“Pour It Up”

This song includes soundbites from Avril Lavigne. No other explanation is really necessary.


*Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum.* Honestly, “Disturbia” is 12 years old this year and every bit as awesome.

“Same Ol’ Mistakes’ 

If you’re a fan of Tame Impala, this is the song for you. “Same Ol’ Mistakes” off RiRi’s Anti album is a twist on Kevin Parker‘s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes.”


If you need a confidence boost or just generally want to feel like a badass before leaving the house, “Desperado” is the Rihanna song for you.

Honorable mentions: “You da One,” “Where Have You Been,” “Talk That Talk,” “Consideration,“ and “Pon de Replay.” (Let’s be real, though, just stream her entire discography as often as you can.)

We know, we know, you want new Rihanna music. It’s been six years and you’re getting impatient! In the meantime, you have plenty to work (work, work) with.