Thank goodness, Betty and Jughead's breakup didn't last on Riverdale. The iconic couple learned the hard way that nothing good comes from comparing your relationship to that of Romeo and Juliet. No sooner did they liken their romance to that of Shakespeare’s most famous star-crossed lovers than they broke up. And it was all Black Hood’s fault.

Bughead shared a sweet moment at Pop’s Diner. “I wish we could just go,” Jughead said. “Just hop on a motorcycle and just leave Riverdale. Go someplace where there’s no Northside or Southside or Serpents or Ghoulies.”

“No crazy moms, no Black Hoods,” Betty replied. “Like Romeo and Juliet except we live happily ever after instead.” No way — this is _Riverdale _we’re talking about!

Black Hood’s ears must have been burning — he called Betty soon afterward and told her to prove her loyalty to him by breaking up with Jug, whom Black Hood said doesn’t “deserve her love.” Betty got Archie to do the dirty work. “Maybe you could tell him that we just need to stay away from each other for a while,” she suggested tearfully. “Something, anything, to just keep him away, to appease the Black Hood.”

Archie did just that, and the news left Jughead bereft. And when Toni Topaz showed up to congratulate Jug on joining the Serpents, Jughead kissed her. That was just insult to injury for Bughead fans!

But there's no way that Betty and Jughead’s love story could have such a tragic end. Executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa gave us hope. “Betty is not someone who gives up easily. She’s probably the strongest of the kids. If she’s going to start losing Jughead, which may happen, she’s going to fight for him,” he told Entertainment Weekly in June.

And check out what actress Lili Reinhart told EW in September: “They can’t see each other as much and that causes some Bughead problems that might tear some people’s hearts out. But there has to be trouble in paradise. This is Riverdale and people die.” Well… as long as Bughead's love doesn't die!