The Bachelor world was first introduced to Blake Horstmann on After the Final Rose, after Becca Kufrin was announced as the Bachelorette in March 2018. He showed up on a horse and encouraged Becca to “get back on the horse.” He appeared on her season of the reality dating show, coming in HOT riding an ox on night one.

Blake was definitely a fan-favorite on Becca’s season — many were shocked during the finale when she broke his heart and said yes to Garrett Yrigoyen’s proposal. Following the heartbreak, Blake made a short appearance on season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, but quit week 5, due to a scandal with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman, leading him to gain resentment from some fans. Since then, he’s been working hard to rebuild his reputation and has signed up for several new projects. Keep reading to learn more about Blake’s net worth and how he makes his money.

What is Blake Horstmann’s Net Worth?

The reality star has a net worth of anywhere between $1.8-2.0 million, according to Idol Net Worth and Hollywood’s Magazine.

Blake Horstmann’s Job Before Fame

Before Blake’s appearance on the 14th season of The Bachelorette, Blake worked as a sales representative, and afterward, continued to be a businessman alongside a reality star.

Blake’s Time on the Bachelor Franchise

According to, Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants aren’t paid! This was only the jumpstart of Blake’s reality career that put his name out there. Blake was one of the most talked about contestants on The Bachelorette, the audience was drawn to his warm smile and huge heart. So, when his proposal to Becca was rejected, fans were crushed but excited to see his debut on Bachelor in Paradise the following summer. To everyone’s surprise, he became the main villain on Paradise, facing backlash for being in a love triangle with Caelynn and Kristina after he hooked up with each of them on back-to-back nights at Stagecoach.

Did Becca Kufrin and Blake Horstmann Date Before 'Paradise'? 
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Blake responded to the controversy after the episode where he got sent home aired via Instagram.

“To say paradise was rough for me is an understatement,” the former sales rep wrote. “I have no one to blame but myself for that. It’s not easy putting yourself and all of your mistakes out there for the world to see. No matter the differences all of us had on that beach, I will always have respect for each and every one of you, being brave enough to be yourselves and chase the love we all feel we deserve.”

The question is, how much was Blake paid for his short time on Bachelor in Paradise? Although we don’t know for sure the exact number, according to Reality Steve, there are different ways a contestant can get paid: per day, per episode and a flat rate. Often, more popular Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni can negotiate a flat rate salary for the time they are on the show. Since Blake was runner-up, it’s safe to say he could have negotiated a high price for his appearance. Dean Unglert, a contestant from The Bachelorette, told the podcast “Trading Secrets” in May 2021 that he was offered $400 per day to star in Paradise season 4.

Blake wasn’t done with Bachelor Nation after the disaster in Paradise. In 2020, Blake started a podcast with Erik Bradley to talk about and interview all-things Bachelor along with the country music industry. The Bachelor star combined his two niches into one podcast. He often interviews Bachelor alums and Nashville’s most buzzing stars.

Blake’s DJ Career

Blake has been thriving as a DJ over the last four years, and it is now his full-time job. He reversed his reputation at Stagecoach by performing there. He performed at the Honkey Tonk tent on April 29 and previously told La Weekly, “I was in a bit of, I guess you could call it a scandal on Bachelor in Paradise based on Stagecoach so it’s very full circle for me now I’m playing here.”

Blake gave some inside scoop to Jason Tartick on his podcast Trading Secrets about his pay at Stagecoach. Blake revealed that from the Stagecoach weekend alone, he was paid around $​​40k, just from his partnerships and DJ gig.

When Jason asked further questions about how much money he makes as a DJ in general, he implied that it is a lot, due to his large following, and since this following mostly consists of women.

He explained that many nightlife menus are looking to attract women to the events, since this then entices more men to come and spend more. When Jason asked how much top tier DJs make, the Bachelor star referenced Jersey Shore star Pauly D. He said that Pauly D was able to make 15 million in one year and can make anywhere between $100k per set and $​​500k a month, which is what he is striving to get to.

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Continued Reality Star

Blake’s appearance on Bachelor in Paradise wasn’t the end for him in reality television. Blake will be starring in All Star Shore, which is a new series premiering on June 29 on Paramount Plus. The audience will see a group of reality stars vacation together in the Canary Islands. There will be a cash prize, but we don’t know how much that is, keeping the fans guessing until the premiere.