Just because Ryan Reynolds is already a father of two, doesn’t mean that he’s any less worried about baby No. 3. So much so, that his pregnant wife, Blake Lively, is doing everything she can to keep the Deadpool actor, 42, from losing his cool. 

“She wants to make the experience as calm and easy as possible because Ryan does tend to get fidgety and highly strung as the due date approaches,” an insider revealed to Life & Style exclusively. “Her birthing plan checklist includes a cozy hospital room setting with plush pillows, curtains, a mellow soundtrack, masseuse and meditation tapes and snacks for Ryan.”

Beyond accommodations, Blake, 31, has also arranged transportation for when the time comes. “She’s got a driver on call to take them to the hospital,” the source noted. “It’s funny now, but last time she had to drive to the hospital while in labor because Ryan was so nervous.”

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively

Thankfully, Ryan’s nerves will likely be soothed the moment their child is born — especially if it’s a boy! “They already have two daughters — James, 4, and Inez, 2 — and while they’re just hoping for a healthy child, they’re secretly wanting a boy,” an additional source told Life & Style. “Ryan says he’s outnumbered at home, he’s trying to even the playing field, so a son would be great.”

As it happens, though, even if Blake does give birth to a boy, it’s unlikely that the pair will stop growing their family.“Blake comes from a big family, five kids, and Ryan’s parents had four, so she loves the idea of having a lot of children,” the source continued. “Ryan, who didn’t grow up with any sisters, says he already knows a boy is coming, he says he can feel it.”

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