Power duo Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are desperate for a baby girl! Sources recently told Life & Style that the couple of two years are going to great lengths to have a child together.

The pair previously thought they were pregnant, only to discover it was a false alarm. In the wake of that devastating news, 48-year-old Gwen and 41-year-old Blake have ramped up their efforts to conceive. Using IVF, the couple elected to choose the gender, since the blonde beauty is already mom to sons Kingston, 11, Zuma, 9, and Apollo, 3. In fact, there’s a strong chance she could be pregnant with twins girls after implanting more than one female embryo. “She is very, very excited about getting pregnant and she absolutely wants twins,” an insider told Life & Style.

Back in 2014, while pregnant with her youngest son, the “Hollaback Girl” singer complained about being the only female in her family. “It does seem weird that I don’t have a girl,” Gwen said, joking that she’d share her stylish wardrobe with one of Kingston’s future girlfriends.

But, if these eggs take root, that girl — whoever she may be — is out of luck! Though he may be rough around the edges, Blake is a total softy at heart, which is why Gwen is confident in his ability to father a daughter. “Gwen knows he will be very protective of their daughter,” a different source shared. “He’d want her to be [safe and secure] her entire life.”

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Their future child isn’t the only one Blake is protective over. Because Gwen’s pregnancy would be considered high-risk — given that she’s in her late 40’s — the country singer is definitely worried. Even her third pregnancy was considered “a miracle,” according to Gwen. “Blake knows the toll [trying to get pregnant] has taken on her, emotionally and physically,” the source said. “If Gwen finally does get pregnant, she will be taking it easy and not traveling a lot.”

Although Gwen is excited over the possibility of having multiples, Blake is terrified by the idea. “He’s ready to be a dad, but the possibility of twins or triplets is just daunting!” the source added.