Cousinly love! At just three months old, Nikki Bella‘s son, Matteo, and Brie Bella‘s son, Buddy, already have the sweetest bond. “One thing I love that we have to tell everyone is how much Buddy calms Matteo,” Nikki, 36, gushed during a Wednesday, October 21, episode of the pair’s hit podcast. “Every time Buddy is around Matteo, it’s like Matteo’s little comfort blanket.”

“He is, he gets very calm … and they stare at each other,” Brie echoed. “It’s so precious and they start moving their arms and legs and it’s as if they’re doing a dance competition, like, a little dance-off or doing sprints. When they move their arms and legs it’s like the cutest thing.”

Brie Bella's Son Buddy 'Calms' Nikki's Son Matteo: 'It’s So Precious'
Courtesy of Nikki Bella/Instagram

Nikki, who welcomed Matteo with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev in late July, noticed that “if you’re not paying attention” to her newborn, he starts to wiggle around a lot! “He would do that to Buddy to get his attention, but it is crazy because he’ll be really upset and then when Brie came over with Buddy, it was crazy how calm he got and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, Buddy is like his little pacifier.’”

“That’s what Bud-Bud does!” Brie chimed in, revealing her little guy’s darling nickname. Of course, not all aspects of motherhood can be as wholesome. In fact, Nikki opened up about her experience with Matteo teething.

“He woke up every two hours last night, he was in so much pain,” the former WWE wrestler recalled. “He just needs mom a lot … he just wants to sleep on mom or be on me and you know, I just give him all that love.”

As for how Nikki is handling being a first-time mom, well, she already has some plans for cosmetic surgery in her future. “I am exhausted. I need to figure out … can you do Botox under your eyes?” the Incomparable coauthor laughed. “I’m going to do Botox when I’m done breast-feeding because it is crazy — no, I’ll get it hopefully the day I can sleep again — I cannot believe how many wrinkles I’ve gotten under my eyes and on the side of my eyes!”

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