Brie Bella and Family
Courtesy of Brie Bella/Instagram

Weeks after Brie Bella and husband Bryan Danielson welcomed baby No. 2 on August 1, they revealed their little one’s precious name on August 26.

The sweet newborn boy is named Buddy Dessert Danielson, according to People. The name “Buddy” means friend and is also Bryan’s father’s name. His middle name, “Dessert” — which is pronounced like “desert” — is Brie’s grandmother’s maiden name.

Brie first announced she was expecting her second child in January, the same time her twin sister, Nikki Bella, revealed she was pregnant with baby No. 1. “We are shocked like all of you!!!” Brie revealed on Instagram at the time. “Never in a million years did I think @thenikkibella and I would be having pregnant bellies together!!! Knowing us, our babies will come the same day too LOL!!! We are excited for you all to follow us on this amazing journey!!! Love you Sister!!”

Additionally, Brie and Bryan are parents to their 3-year-old daughter Birdie, whom they welcomed in May 2017.

Unlike Nikki, Brie waited until she gave birth to find out the sex of her baby. During an episode of Total Bellas, Bryan admitted he was hoping they would have a boy. “Daddy wants a boy just to keep his name going,” Brie told their daughter. However, Bryan confessed that’s not the only reason he wanted a son, “Well, not just for that. It would be nice for me ’cause we don’t have any other men,” he shared.

During the course of her pregnancy, Brie has been keeping fans in the loop of what she’s been feeling. For starters, she revealed her pregnancy with baby No. 2 was totally different than her pregnancy with Birdie.

“When I was pregnant with Birdie, all I really experienced was just being tired, but this time, I’ve had a lot of morning sickness,” Brie exclusively told Life & Style in April. “I felt like I’ve constantly been car sick. I’m finally feeling a lot better And I think too when you’re pregnant and chasing a toddler around adds a lot, so it’s been harder. So I’m hoping what it means is my labor will be easy because pregnancy was so easy with Birdie but my labor was awful.”

Congrats to the newly minted parents of two!