Everyone knows Cardi B is one stylish gal — especially when it comes to her nails. The 26-year-old is known for rockin’ long claws that often feature rhinestones of some kind. Life & Style exclusively spoke to Jenny Bui, the rapper’s nail tech and the woman behind the work of art, to get all the deets on how Cardi manages.

It’s hard to imagine Cardi being able to do basic things like texting or picking up random objects with her long nails, but she is quite the pro. “Oh she can do [it,] because she’s been doing her nails since she was like 14, and she’s really used to it,” Jenni, who works at Nails on 7th in New York, told Life & Style at the Beautycon Festival Day 2 on August 11.

The Hip Hop star’s nail tech also revealed that the “I Like It” crooner has been her client since before she was famous. “I met Cardi, like, seven years ago, yes, and now we’re still together,” she said. What makes Jenni’s work so special is the touch of sparkle she adds to the nails — literally. Jenny likes to decorate nails with Swarovski crystals.

“Everybody calls me Queen of Bling. And I’ve been doing nails for 22 years and my signature is bling bling,” she added. “Everybody … a lot of people around the world are inspired by my nails, bling, so, you know, some people don’t have money to buy the diamonds, so the nail inspires them to have the diamonds, have their nails done, have the bling bling, so they feel so special too.”

Like any good nail tech, Jenny knows her client well. When asked what trends Cardi is really into at the moment, she said Cardi is all about “colorful [nails] and a lot of bling!” TBH, we think anything looks good on Cardi, but that goes perfectly with her vibrant personality!