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Carrie Bradshaw’s Love Interests: See Her Dating History From ‘SATC’ and ‘AJLT’

On Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker‘s dating life provided plenty of humorous moments in one-off episodes, but it was the men who made it to boyfriend, fiancée and husband status whom fans love the most.

The love of Carrie’s life, Mr. Big, played by Chris Noth, was there from the very beginning. After a chance encounter on the street followed by other random run-ins, the pair began seeing each other, ending up in bed on their first date and breaking pal Charlotte York’s cardinal rule. But the sex columnist couldn’t get Big to commit to being a one-woman man until halfway through season 1. Carrie broke up with him in the final episode of the season after the tycoon refused to introduce her to his mother as his girlfriend.

The pair rekindled their romance in season 2, but it once again ended in tears when Big had to move to Paris for business and didn’t tell Carrie until the last minute. She decided to stay behind in New York after he told her she shouldn’t move abroad just to be with him.

Carrie went about with her dating life and had her heart shattered when she later ran into Big at a party in the Hamptons where he was with his new love, Natasha, whom he was engaged to and later married, despite telling Carrie he’d never wed again after his first marriage failed.

Enter Carrie’s next great love, Aiden Shaw. She fell for the handsome furniture maker, played by John Corbett, in season 3. He was the anti-Big, who was kind, loving, open about his feelings and put Carrie on a pedestal. But when Big became unhappy in his marriage, he began calling Carrie and the two ended up having a torrid affair that ended his marriage to Natasha, as well as her romance with Aiden.

Carrie and Aiden rekindled things in season 4, with the pair eventually moving in together and the newspaper columnist reluctantly accepting his marriage proposal. But she ultimately couldn’t commit to a wedding and the two went their separate ways for good … until the sight of him holding a baby with his new wife made her realize she needed to get back in the dating game, where infamous Post-It breaker upper Jack Berger came along, played by Office Space star Ron Livingston.

SJP’s character went on to have one more major romance on SATC with Mikhail Baryshnikov‘s more mature Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky. Carrie then went on to marry Mr. Big, whose name was revealed to be John Preston, in the first movie, and is back in the dating game on the SATC Max revival, And Just Like That.

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