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Oops! Celebrities Who Regret Getting Plastic Surgery, Fillers and Other Cosmetic Procedures

Some celebrities are pretty happy with their results when they get plastic surgery. But unfortunately, that’s not the case for stars like Kim Kardashian and Tara Reid, because they have to deal with major complications or procedures that just didn’t turn out to their liking.

With more permanent surgeries, there’s sadly no going back in most cases. Actress Jennifer Grey became a world-famous movie star thanks to late 1980s hits like Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. But after a nose job in the early 1990s, she literally became unrecognizable to audiences, and the plastic surgery derailed her red-hot acting career.

“I went into the ­operating room a ­celebrity and came out anonymous. It was the nose job from hell. I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody ­recognizes because of a nose job,” Jennifer revealed to the U.K’s The Mirror in 2012.

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