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The Curious Case of Celebrities’ Ever-Changing Eyelids

If you've ever noticed there aren't a lot of celebrities with hooded eyes in Hollywood, it's because, well, there's a procedure for that. Yes, one of the least noticeable tweaks and best-kept secrets of Tinsel Town is eyelid surgery. Really, plastic surgery for your effing eyelids. Eyelid. Surgery.

We're sure that phrasing sent you off to a World of Why (and HOW). Well, here's the sitch: the practical purpose of blepharoplasty is to remove excess skin that would impair vision. But some celebrities decide to do it for (wait for it) cosmetic reasons instead, hoping that opening the eye will make them appear younger. So you cut a bit here, and then use a pinch (or two) of botox to fill up those lids, achieving a half-lidded come-hither look. Best of all, the difference is usually so subtle that it's easier to write-off than, say, your formerly beak-nosed cousin who got nip-tucked for her "deviated septum" (ha).

Look, we'll never understand why having a hooded eyelid is weird but making yourself into an absurd Jessica Rabbit caricature is totally okay. But whatever makes a person happy, right? Suffice to say though, hooded eyes are normal, fairly common, and just a matter of genetics. But some celebs may feel uncomfortable with this attribute and, facing outside pressures, feel the need to restructure.

As a result, we're now taking a hard gaze at some of our favorite formerly-hood-eyed celebrities, and a few of them definitely deserve a double-take.