It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Chicago West looks just like her older sister North — they do share both parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West — but there is no denying the siblings are impossible to tell apart as newborns. The girls are literally clones when you compare Chicago’s first pictures from Kylie Jenner‘s birth announcement video and North’s big reveal on Instagram nearly five years ago.

While fans had to wait three months before North’s adorable face was shared with Kim’s followers on social media, it only took three weeks before Chi, as she is being called by her famous family, to make her debut. And for that, we feel blessed.

“Am I the only one who thinks #ChicagoWest looks like North?” one fan asked on Twitter before another added, “Chicago is pretty much Nori version II. She looked exactly like North West.” We think the resemblance has something to do with North, 4, reportedly bonding with the newborn faster than she did with little brother Saint West, 2.

“North is finally embracing her role as big sister after some initial acting out. North now has a cute nickname for Chicago — she calls her ‘my baby’ and she’s been helping with bottle feeding and changing her diapers,” a source told Hollywood Life. “It was a bit difficult at first for North to adjust to having a new sibling, but now she’s very bonded with Chicago. Kim is relieved that all her efforts to squash any sibling rivalry has paid off.”

Now, only time will tell if the little girl takes after Kim or Kanye personality-wise. “She’s really, really smart. She knows how to outsmart us. Or she thinks she does. But she is Kanye’s twin,” the mother-of-three told Ellen DeGeneres of North. “Same personality, says the same wild things.” As for Saint, “He’s my twin. He’s literally my twin personality,” she added. “He’s so sweet. And he’s just, like, such a good, good boy. Like, such a good person. North just beats him up all day long, and he so doesn’t cry.” Oh, North.