Growing up! On Thursday, March 14, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend gave their daughter, Luna Stephens, her first big girl bed and her reaction was priceless.

The social media queen, 33, took to Instagram to document the whole thing. In the first clip she posted, she and the R&B singer, 40, introduced Luna to her gift and the 2-year-old was full of questions.

“Is it so pretty?” Chrissy asked her daughter, followed by “Do you want to get up there?” John then chimed in and explained to her this would be where she’s going to sleep from now on. Their baby girl was curious about the bedroom bench in front of the bed. “What you guys do right here?” she asked, to which her parents explained the accessory is there to help her climb onto the bed.

Luna’s next move was probably the best part. She walked over to the other side of the room to get her toys and asked her parents why they moved them. Naturally, her mom and dad started to laugh and told her she could put them wherever she wants.

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In the second clip the Cravings author posted, Luna was lying in bed as her dad placed each stuffed animal toward the wall. “Thank you, mama,” she said about her new bed. How sweet is she!

Luna isn’t the only family member reaching major milestones. The previous day, Chrissy congratulated her 9-month-old son, Miles, for finally being helmet-free after three months. He started wearing the helmet so it could help fix his “adorable slightly misshapen head,” Chrissy said in December 2018. Clearly, there’s been a lot of progress.

“Such a trooper for 3 months of helmet. Happy graduation, Miles!!” Chrissy wrote as she shared a video of herself holding him. “Happy helmet-free day! No more helmet! No more helmet!” she said in the clip, which featured the two using a silly mouse filter.

It looks like it’s been a good week for this fam!