Baby steps! Christina Anstead took to Instagram on Tuesday, March 3, to get candid about her 5-month-old son Hudson‘s progress from newborn to now. By the looks of it, the mom of three is relieved everything is finally going smoothly with her little one.

“Nearly six months, sleeping through the night and a happy healthy boy,” the 36-year-old captioned a photo of him smiling. “I always tell new moms the first three months are really hard, and the first six months are a big adjustment … maybe that’s not the case for everyone — but for me that is definitely the case. I love newborns, but in this house all of us are glad to be on the other side of ‘the big adjustment.'”

Christina Anstead's Son Hudson
Courtesy of Christina Anstead/ Instagram

Christina, who shares Hudson with husband Ant Antead, has been vocal about the struggles she’s faced ever since she and the U.K. native welcomed Hudson in September 2019. In January, Christina revealed their baby boy was still struggling sleeping through the whole night.

“Little update on sleep cause people are asking,” she said on her IG Story at the time. “We were using the Merlin Magic Suit for about six weeks, maybe two months, and it really worked at first. He was sleeping 7/7, but then the four-month sleep progression hit, and it’s a real thing. It is. He’s still napping well, but he’s waking up at night again, so I think we’re going to transition to a sleep sac.”

It looks like it’s paid off because in less than two months, there’s has been so much progress. The same can be said about Hudson’s relationship with his big bro, Brayden, whom Christina shares with ex Tarek El Moussa. Brayden and Hudson had a rough start due to the fact that the 4-year-old wasn’t used to no longer being the baby of the family.

As of late, they seem to be getting along way better, though. “I’ve been waiting 5.5 months for some brotherly love from Bray,” Christina captioned a video of the two bonding in February. “Bray has been pretty jealous of his baby brother — been making sure Bray has gotten plenty of attention and love — looks like it is paying off … It was worth the wait!” We love to see it!