Claudia Jordan didn’t really get a chance to shine on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The TV personality starred in Season 7 of the Bravo hit but opted not to return as a “friend” for subsequent installments. “Andy Cohen has said he thinks I didn’t really get a fair shot since it was late into filming when I was given my peach,” the single 51-year-old says of being bestowed the show’s coveted honor. “And that didn’t allow for much time to really capture my story, which I agree with.” Here, Claudia, who recently competed on the NBC reality series Deal or No Deal Island and hosts the celeb chat show Tea-G-I-F on Fox Soul, talks to Life & Style about Housewives, being a briefcase model alongside Meghan Markle on the original Deal or No Deal, and why she swore off dating.

Would you go back to RHOA?

CJ: Yes. I’m in the perfect season of my life where it would make sense to come back: I have so much more going on. Now I’m a lot more successful, I lead a more extravagant lifestyle, and my friend circle is one that would make good TV.

Are you in contact with any co-stars? 

CJ: I still keep in touch with Cynthia [Bailey], Kenya [Moore] and occasionally Kandi [Burruss].

You’ve kept busy, most recently on Deal or No Deal Island. Did being a briefcase model prepare you for that experience? 

CJ: I certainly felt extremely knowledgeable about the game, but I wasn’t prepared for the snakes, monkeys and biggest bugs I’d ever seen in my life in my living area!

Are there any other shows you’d do?

CJ: I love game shows. I’ve always wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud. As far as reality shows, I really want to be on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. It’s only right. Come on, Andy — let’s make it happen!

What was Meghan Markle like?

CJ: She mainly kept to herself. She was a beautiful lady who was often off studying lines for her auditions. I have nothing but kind things to say about her.

Were you surprised that she ended up marrying Prince Harry?

CJ: We’re all really proud knowing that our fellow colleague went on to become an international star and icon. After hearing that she was introduced to Harry through a blind date set up by her friends, I told my girls that they’ve got to step it up and do better by me!

How is your love life going?

CJ: After my last relationship — which I was told was leading to marriage with someone I had known as a friend for years — I had to take a step back and reevaluate things. I gave my heart a break and put myself on a six-month dating ban! I extended it to a year because life had become so peaceful and drama-free.

What did you learn?

CJ: I experienced real happiness being by myself, and it made me look at dating differently. I was constantly putting others’ needs and feelings before my own. I’ll always be a loving and giving person, but will no longer sacrifice my happiness for others. Fans have commented about my “glow,” assuming it’s from a relationship. Little did they know it’s coming from within now, which feels even better!