In an exclusive interview with Life & Style Weekly, Sheree Buchanan, who dated the music executive for three years, says Corey, 35, is controlling, “stalkerish” and likely only with Kris Jenner for money and power.

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kris jenner and corey gamble

“She should be careful and sleep with one eye open,” warns Sheree. “My advice to Kris is don’t marry Corey.”

Much like Kris, who started dating Corey just before her divorce from Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner was finalized, Sheree was going through a divorce when she met Corey. Her confidence was at an all-time low. “He looks for these broken women and he’s great at knowing what to say to build your confidence,” she tells Life & Style.

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“He didn’t want me hanging around with my friends and wanted all of my time,” adds Sheree.

“Corey’s temper is another thing Kris needs to watch out for. “He can fly off the handle over anything if he doesn’t get his way.” Sheree broke up with Corey, but that wasn’t the end for him. “He showed up at my house,” Sheree tells Life & Style. “I had changed my locks but somehow he got a key!”

kris jenner and corey gamble

“Kris has a lot of power and money, and he wants to be a part of that,” says Sheree. If Kris insists on going through with the wedding, Sheree urges her: “Get a prenup first!”

“But given the position that Kris is in,” Sheree says, “she could have been Betty White and Corey would still have [hit on] her.”

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