Well this is even cooler than the 64 box of crayons with the sharpener! Crayola recently released a makeup line — sold exclusively by ASOS — and it’s making our childhood artistic dreams come true!

In a statement to Life & Style, the art company opened up about the inspiration behind the 58-piece collection inspired by the whimsical colors and tools that helped shape our creative minds as kids. “Crayola Beauty is a 58-piece collection, featuring 95 bright and brilliant shades of lipsticks, eye palettes, bright highlighters, bold mascaras, and an artist-like brush kit — all the tools you need to test, paint, draw, and smudge — all inspired by Crayola’s true spirit of self-expression and personal creativity,” the statement read. “With Crayola Beauty, you are the canvas!”

Courtesy of Crayola

Already, fans have shared their excitement about the new release on social media. “Just saw the Crayola makeup and I want it all,” one enthusiastic fan tweeted. Another added, “This makes so much sense. Who didn’t want to use Crayola crayons as makeup?!” We couldn’t agree more!

Prices for the items begin at $14.50 (for the colorful lip and cheek crayons) and go up to $40 (for a brush set and “pencil” case to hold them). Additionally, all items cruelty-free and vegan — meaning they are neither tested on our furry friends, nor do they use any animal byproducts.

This isn’t Crayola’s first adventure into the beauty world — and we sure hope it isn’t their last! Back in January 2017, they collaborated with Clinique to make a limited edition collection of Chubby Sticks with shades inspired by some of Crayola’s most popular hues.

Fans have long suspected that their foray into beauty was inspired by a 2015 challenge on YouTube, known as the Crayola Makeup Challenge, which had fans all over the world using actual crafts/school supplies to do full faces of makeup. And — believe it or not — the looks were actually super impressive! Still, we definitely recommend using the actual makeup products going forward!