So, Abby Lee Miller may be gone from Dance Moms, but there’s still plenty of drama on Season 7B of the hit reality show! And this week’s episode, which is titled “Out With Abby, In With Chloe — Part 2,” sees Christi Lukasiak break down as she tangles with other OG moms.

The Pennsylvania native, who returned to the series with daughter Chloe Lukasiak after a two-and-a-half season hiatus, can’t hold back tears in a sneak peek from the Aug. 22 episode. “I was an original member of that team, and that’s the s–t I have to deal with? Classy. Super classy,” Christi explains to the mom’s on Chloe’s new team, Studio 19 Dance Complex. As fans saw in the last episode, Christi went off on the ALDC crew for failing to support Chloe after she left the show.

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In a confessional, the 40-year-old admits that she regrets her outburst. “I truly hate myself a little bit right now for losing control. Those women bring out the best in me, don’t they?” she teases. “Dude, I haven’t screamed at anyone in three years. Here I am, three seconds in, and I’m like a raging maniac.”

Chloe, always the rational one, tries to calm her mother down. “Stop crying, okay? I’m here for you, okay?” the 16-year-old says. “I’m not crying because I know it’s not important and I know the truth. And stop crying because I’m going to dance great today.”

The teen, who’s always been a fan favorite, definitely has a healthy attitude when it comes to her past issues with Abby, who is currently serving a 366-day jail sentence for fraud. “I’m a huge believer that everything happens for a reason. So, I think I was meant to have that good and bad experience, and learn and grow from it,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “It definitely gave me thick skin, which is crucial for this industry.”

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