He got his start with My Fair Wedding on WE tv, and now that he's returning to TV after a brief hiatus, David Tutera is sparking plastic surgery rumors. The 52-year-old wedding planner — who is father to fraternal twins Cielo and Cedric, welcomed via surrogate in 2013 — has fans wondering if he's gotten any surgerical changes made to his face since he was last on TV.

"Am I the only person that realizes David Tutera looks like a robot with all that plastic surgery and makeup? WHY is he on TV? He's scary!" one commenter tweeted. "Has David Tutera gotten plastic surgery?" another viewer tweeted.

Over the years, David's face has undoubtedly changed — though it's difficult to discern if cosmetic surgery is to blame or David simply lost some weight, which is causing the change of appearance in his face. Also, in 2005, David's eyes were blue at an event on the red carpet, but it looks like he might have been wearing contact lenses. More recently, his eye color is brown in every picture.

david tutera plastic surgery

David Tutera in 2005 vs. 2017.

All of the speculation started on social media after the season premiere of David's WE tv series, CELEBrations. After a brief hiatus, the show returned for Season 3 and will follow David as he plans lavish parties for celebrities, like TLC's Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro.

Lots has changed for David since taking a break from reality TV and focusing on his personal wedding planning business. After divorcing his husband of 10 years Ryan Jurica in 2013, David married his love Joey Toth in 2017. David currently has custody of his daughter Cielo, while his ex-husband has custody of their son Cedric.

“He’s one of the most gentle, kind, honest, connected human beings emotionally," David told People of his new husband, Joey Toth. "He's just a really beautiful soul. He's a great dad a great partner and friend – everything you would want to put into one package which sounds so cliché, but it's really honestly what he's all about. There's no pretenses to Joey. What you see is what you get and what you get is just a kind human being."

David Tutera’s CELEBrations airs Fridays at 10/9c on WE tv.