WTF. The most dramatic relationship saga in Bachelor in Paradise history goes to Dean Unglert and Kristina Schulman. The pair fell in love on Season 4 and have been in and out of each other’s lives too many times for us to count ever since. Now, after a new photo emerged on Dominique Alexis’ Instagram story, fans are convinced they are hooking up again. Watch the video above to see where they were caught hanging out!

Wow. When there is sun, sand, and bathing suits involved, Dean and Kristina can’t seem to stay away from each other. According to Kristina and Dominique’s Instagram posts, they were hanging out in Venice Beach, CA. And while the girls shared pictures of their day by the ocean, Dean kept his whereabouts on the down low. Of course, fans on reddit have ~feelings~ about all of it.

bip dean and kristina

“These two won’t quit until one of them finds someone serious to move onto. I’ve been there,” one person said. Another wrote, “Not only do I not feel bad for future Kristina when she gets her heart broken AGAIN when [Dean] ghosts her for someone else, but [also] at this point, I retrospectively don’t feel bad for past Kristina. If you ask for it, don’t be surprised when you get it.”

So, it’s safe to say no one is exactly excited to see these two hanging out again. Their relationship has been incredibly tumultuous ever since they met on Bachelor in Paradise, and Dean has been caught with a slew of women since he broke Kristina’s heart. He even went on Bachelor Winter Games and fell for Lesley Murphy, but the pair have since called it quits.

bip dean and kristina pics

Kristina chatted with People in May 2018 about the current status of her relationship with Dean and said, “After Winter Games finished filming, he did reach out to me and say that he was dating someone. So I was like, ‘OK. Out of respect for her and me, we should not continue talking.'” Kristina even said that the two don’t keep in touch anymore and “rarely” speak to each other.

Well, it looks like things have certainly changed in a few short months for Dean and Kristina. Now that Lesley is out of the picture, maybe Dean and Kristina decided to rekindle their love. We’ll be watching both of their social media accounts for clues until further notice.

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