When it comes to Demi Lovato‘s sobriety, her family isn’t taking any chances. According to Radar Online, those closest to the singer — who recently got out of rehab after a near-fatal overdose in July — have put an end to her rumored fling with fashion designer Henri Levy.

“Demi’s mom, as well as her entire family, wanted Henri out of the picture the minute that they saw the two of them together,” a source close to the 26-year-old’s mom, Dianna Hart, told the outlet. “Henri is newly sober and he is not the type of guy that Demi should be associating herself with right now.”

Demi Lovato in casual clothes

The source went on to reveal that while Henri may be clean, he “still runs” in the “Hollywood circles” that Demi’s mother wants her to avoid at all costs. “Several people have come to Dianna and told her that he is not a good influence since the two were seen together,” they added. 

As for Demi’s reaction? Well, unfortunately, it seems that her behavior is only fueling her family’s concern. “Demi is acting on her own accord again and everyone is worried sick,” the source said. “There is only so much that her family can do. The rest is up to her.”

Despite her family’s understandable reservations about Demi’s progress, the brunette beauty does seem to be back to her regular, fiery self! In fact, on Nov. 18, she took to Instagram to clap back at a hater who accused Demi and her team of “being rotten” for firing her friend Dani Vitale.

demi lovato slams fan for comments

“You have no idea what you’re talking about,” Demi commented. “True friends don’t do interviews about you when you OD.” Damn, you tell ’em, girl! According to People, Demi has since made it clear that she was not talking about Dani Vitale, but either way, we’re just glad to see that she’s back to standing up for herself like the warrior she’s always been!