Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) has faced plastic surgery rumors throughout her career, but her husband Justin Biebers old pal Kanye “Ye” West reignited the speculation when he accused her of getting a nose job. So, now fans are curious if the stunning model has ever went under the knife or if she kept her natural beauty. 

Keep reading to find out what Hailey has said about plastic surgery. 

Did Hailey Bieber Get Plastic Surgery?

In May 2020, an Instagram beauty account posted a side-by-side image of the Rhode skincare founder, claiming that she had received cosmetic enhancements at some point in time. 

However, Hailey wasn’t having it, and she publicly slammed the allegations. 

“Stop using pics that are edited by makeup artists!” she wrote in a comment. “This photo on the right is NOT what I look like … I’ve never touched my face, so if you’re gonna sit around and compare me at 13, and then me at 23, at least use a natural photo that wasn’t edited so crazy.”

That month, Hailey and Justin reportedly threatened legal action against a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for posting the TikTok video alleging that she had underwent multiple procedures, including rhinoplasty (a nose job), lip and cheek fillers and jawline contouring. 

Hailey Bieber Sued
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At the time, the surgeon defended himself in a statement obtained by Entertainment Tonight. 

“The whole purpose of the TikTok account is to raise awareness about plastic surgery and to remove the stigma associated with it,” Dr. Daniel Barrett said in his statement. “People are beautiful whether they get plastic surgery or not. It’s also people’s business whether they want to reveal that they had plastic surgery or not. … Many celebrities do undergo plastic surgery, but by denying it, they are creating false expectations of what natural beauty is.”

Amid the speculation, Hailey shared a photo via her Instagram in late May of that year, and she seemingly acknowledged that she wan’t letting the online rumors bring her down. 

After a fan commented, “Unbothered HB,” the model replied, “also true.” 

Two years later, Kanye suggested in a since-deleted Instagram post that the Arizona native got plastic surgery. 

What Did Kanye West Say About Hailey Bieber?

In October 2022, the “Heartless” rapper took to Instagram to rant against multiple celebrities after they called him out for incorporating “White Lives Matter” shirts into his Yeezy Paris Fashion Week show. 

While Hailey did not directly comment on the ordeal, Ye mentioned her in several separate Instagram posts. 

“They want corny ass Gigi Hadid and nose job Hailey Baldloose to rally behind an obvious Corey Gamble-level non fashion industry event,” he wrote in the first since-deleted post. 

Hailey seemingly made a subtle dig at Ye when she voiced her support for Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, whom the “Jesus Walks” artist mocked for scrutinizing his controversial runway statement. 

“My respect for you runs deep, my friend!” she wrote via her Instagram Stories at the time. “To know is to adore you and to work with you is an honor.” 

Shortly afterward, Kanye shared a screenshot via his Instagram of an article headlining Hailey’s action and wrote directly to Justin. 

“Wait, am I canceled again??? Justin, please let me know,” he captioned another since-deleted post.