Well, this is a bummer! Fans noticed some evidence on Bachelor in Paradise star Jordan Mauger‘s Instagram on Oct. 1 that made them begin speculating that he and post-show fling Jacqueline Trumbull decided to break up. Jacqueline, while staying mum on their relationship status, admits exclusively to Life & Style that it’s been a “very sad few days.”

The drama began when Jordan changed one of the photos of him and Jac kissing to say, “the Playa provides. Not.” The “not” had not been there a couple of weeks earlier, when fans noticed that the couple hit it off at Burning Man Festival and started dating. Not long after, Jordan deleted any trace of Jacqueline on his Instagram page.


When asked if she and Jordan broke up, Jacqueline simply told Life & Style, “it’s been a very sad few days. I’m not doing great.” Jordan seems equally upset, cryptically telling us that “we all eat lies when our hearts are hungry,” along with a bunch of heartbreak emojis. He also posted a photo in front of a Jackson Pollock painting at the Museum of Modern Art, with the mopey caption, “I felt like getting lost today, so I did it in art.”

Though the couple never officially confirmed that they were in a relationship, they both began sharing PDA photos together on Sept. 20. Jacqueline wasn’t shy when she was asked about the budding romance during a recent reddit AMA.

She said, “he is just… good for me. He deals well with neurotic people. My favorite thing about Jordan is his maturity. He is incredibly patient and supportive. He is the least pretentious person I’ve ever met. He knows who he is.” At the time she said they were still “figuring things out,” and it seems like the outcome was not what either of them wanted. We wish them both the very best, regardless of their current relationship status!

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