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Did Kate Hudson Ever Get Plastic Surgery? See Photos of Her Transformation Over the Years

Kate Hudson never seems to age and fans have wondered if she’s turned to plastic surgery to maintain her youthful appearance. While the actress has dodged the question when it comes to herself, she’s addressed the topic in general.  

“I don’t have any judgment towards anybody who wants to play in that stratosphere, it’s so fun. Lasers, Botox, filler … I don’t judge any of that stuff. I actually think it’s kind of awesome,” Kate revealed in November 2022.

“We’re all going to get older and if someone wants to get Botox because it makes them feel like their forehead looks a little tighter, I think that’s all good,” she continued. “I also think if someone wants to go ruin their face, then that’s their prerogative. People should just do what makes them feel good.”

Scroll down to see photos of Kate’s transformation over the years.