OK, it’s time to settle this once and for all: Does Dream Kardashian look more like her dad, Rob Kardashian, or her mom, Blac Chyna? According to the 31-year-old rapper, the 2-year-old is a spitting image of her mama — at least, according to her most recent Instagram photo with her baby girl.

“[You] see it?” the mother of two captioned a cute pic of herself and her daughter laying down and making the same face, posted to her Instagram feed on August 22.  Needless to say, fans and followers flocked to the comments section of the post to say whether or not they did, in fact, see the resemblance Angela (yes, that’s her real name) was talking about. Not everyone was seeing what she saw, y’all.

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U see it?

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“Not really, she looks more like her dad,” one fan wrote, while another one chimed in with, “Naw sis lol she her daddy twin lol 💕💕”

A few fans were able to see the connection, despite the overwhelming majority confirming the claims that Rob, 32, and his daughter are total ~twinsies~. “Mama’s nose … she looks like her daddy though lol. Pretty girl ❤️,” another follower said, while one gushed, “I do see it 😍😍.”

But, ultimately, the consensus was that Rob is the winner of the gene-distribution competition. “Girl stop playing!” yet another fan hilariously wrote. “She look just like her daddy 😂”

Plus, the KUWTK star is constantly posting photos of his little girl on his social media — even if he isn’t always in them — so we’re used to seeing the two of them compared and spending time together. In fact, the one-time dad would love to spend even more time with his daughter, which we’re totally all about.

“He’d give anything to be with her more often,” a source told Life & Style exclusively. “To her credit, Chyna has been keeping up her end of the custody agreement and Rob’s seeing plenty of Dream without the same type of drama there used to be. He lives for those visits, but when she’s not there he can’t do much else besides sit alone and feel sorry for himself.”