Despite the fact that Miranda Lambert has always joked about her pets being her children, the country music star is ready for the real deal. Fun fact: The “Tin Man”‘ singer has upwards of 18 pets and has fostered 38 dogs!

“[Miranda] has wanted to have children for as long as she can remember, and she’s finally come to realize that she doesn’t need a guy to fulfill her dreams,” a source exclusively revealed to Life & Style magazine. “She’s decided she’s going to have the life she’s always dreamed of — with or without a man.” You go, girl!

The question is, why now? Well, after spending the last 12 years in a series of long-term relationships that didn’t last — most notably with her ex-husband, Blake Shelton, for six years — coupled with the fact Miranda is turning 35 years old on Nov. 10, it was time to make a big decision.

“She’s decided she’s not going to wait around looking for Mr. Perfect,” the source added. “She wants to start a family and is looking into adoption and other methods to make it happen.” 

As far as the type of mother Miranda will make? A terrific one, the source noted. “[She] has a real nurturing, loving side. But she’ll be the funny, ready-for-anything mom, too.” So, basically, she won’t be a regular mom, she’ll be a ~cool~ mom.

The best part is that Miranda’s family and friends support her decision 100 percent. So much so, that they’ve already offered to help her raise the little one. Don’t get it twisted, though! “[Miranda] is more than up to the task of going it alone as a single parent,” the source assured, “and she’s ready to make it happen right now.” We wish her all the best with starting her family!

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