Now, this is a hairy situation. The mystery surrounding Donald Trump‘s infamous locks has taken an interesting turn after real-life plastic surgeons weighed in on whether they believe the president had a surgical procedure done to his scalp or if he’s ever received a hair transplant. Given that his hair quite literally flipped off the back of his head before he boarded Air Force One recently, people can’t seem to stop talking about it.

Trump denied reports he had work done around his scalp region, but in divorce paperwork from his ex-wife Ivana Trump, she claimed he saw a famed doctor about his hair. Dr. Lisa Ishii from Johns Hopkins University told [The Daily Beast](, “If you had a large bald area, you’d have to have several procedures in a row before you actually achieved your goal to cut out the bald spot. You can’t do it in one fell swoop. It’s such an outdated procedure. It’s possible that he had a hair transplant.”

donald trump

But Dr. Samuel Lam, who owns a hair restoration clinic in Texas, is convinced Trump had the surgical scalp procedure. He said, “If you see a vertical incision on the back of the scalp on the crown, that’s very typical of a scalp reduction. Most likely, he [Trump] had it.” While Dr. Lam seems convinced that President Trump fiddled with his noggin at some point in his life, we doubt we’ll get a satisfactory answer from the big guy himself. It’s just one of those secrets he’ll probably keep locked away forever — just like his tax returns.