When it comes to celebrity fashionistas, nobody does it better than miss Emily Ratajkowski. As it happens, though, the model, 27, doesn’t just wake up rocking the most desirable ‘fits in the game. In fact, Emily takes most of her style cues from other places. “Kinda going ‘80s. That’s my go to. Trying to be Princess Diana at every turn,” EmRata dished to Life & Style at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Saturday, June 1.

We hear that, girl! The late monarch, who tragically passed in 1997, was most definitely a fashion icon during her day and continues to inspire style lovers everywhere. In addition to paying homage to Diana, Emily discussed her new collection of bodysuits for her fashion line Inamorata Women.

Princess Diana
Tom Wargacki/WireImage

“I love a bodysuit with jeans obviously and a blazer is always the best — the most comfortable,” she expressed. “For styling it up, we have some rompers that I love with a slide heel and big earrings and a belt,” she continued. “I think I really love the idea that bodysuits are something … Judith Light kind of came up with this. She was like you know you start life out in a bodysuit and I’m 70-years-old and it’s my favorite piece still,” Emily recalled. 

“I think women just undervalue the simplicity of a good staple like that. I just like the narrative of it taking us through life.” If that’s not the most empowering explanation of a bodysuit, we certainly don’t know what is. Speaking of empowerment, Emily went on to reveal which woman in her life she’s been inspired by most.

Emily Ratajkowski

“My best friend and I run Inamorata Women together and for me, it’s just us everyday working together and pushing each other and you know, taking on the world together,” she explained. Sounds like pretty amazing stuff, if you ask us! Keep killing it ladies. 

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