Expert celebrity hairstylist Anh Co Tran is responsible for some of the most stunning celebrity tresses in Hollywood, including those of Anne Hathaway, Emily Ratajkowski, Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Biel, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many, many more big names. Now, he’s sharing his wisdom with you! The wizard responsible for the “customized” haircut a.k.a. the “lived-in” hair trend chatted exclusively with Life & Style about how you can get the best fall hair of your life!

L&S: What are some of the timeless hair colors for fall that you would recommend, and why are they so good for this time of year?

ANH: Deepening your color and changing the tone to more golden/auburn/rich brunette are great colors for fall! It’s perfect for the time of year because you’re matching your color to the season, and fall means more depth and warmth. Fall has always been the perfect season for experimenting with hair.

L&S: Why is fall such a good time to experiment with your hair? 

ANH: It’s a good time to experiment with hair because it’s a transitional period, meaning the seasons are changing and you could too!

L&S: What are some new hair color and cut trends you’re loving for Fall 2019? What should we ask for when we go to the salon to get the right look?

ANH: I’m really into ’70s hair for fall right now! So hair color that’s is super natural, more rooty, and flows. Consultations are the hardest part of the appointment, so women should figure out a few keywords for this look. Some good things to ask for are depth, dimension, rich, and seamless. It’s all about a face frame, something that hugs your face and gives your natural hair a little edge. I’m also into a shag right now! I love a layered look that can work with your natural texture.

L&S: What are some good quick styles for autumn that women can do themselves at home?

ANH: Loose, low ponytails are easy and can be made chic! Just give your hair some texture using an iron and a texture spray and maybe add an accessory and you have a look! Also, something extremely easy to do is to tie your hair into super loose braids and sleep on them. In the morning when you wake up, use a moisturizing product (my favorite is Leonor Greyl Éclat Naturel Styling Cream) and lightly run your hands through your hair, being careful not to overly brush the waves out, and you’ll achieve a natural yet refined look.

L&S: What is a hair trend that you’re really excited about heading into winter this year? 

ANH: I’m really excited to see looser waves, really undone hair, and seeing more of people’s natural texture. I think beach waves are a thing of the recent past and it’s time to move into something more chic and EVEN MORE effortless.

L&S: Are there any new trends that your celeb clients are super excited about?

ANH: I think that everybody, including my celebrity clients, are loving an effortless look. More and more you see people gravitating to things that they can also do at home themselves.