Fans are slamming Kendall Jenner‘s latest Gucci ad, where the supermodel is seen running through an airport with the brand’s luggage to catch a commercial flight. ​

Kendall, 28, and the rest of her famous family are known for only flying on private jets, and she got called out for the hypocrisy.

“This is hilarious because we all know she would never lower herself to commercial flights with ‘normal’ people,” one fan wrote in the comments of the ad posted on Gucci’s Instagram page on Thursday, April 4.

Another follower joked, “Kendall’s first time inside an airport be like…” while one person commented, “She is rich her two sisters have private jets. So, what is she doing in the airport?” One person quipped, “I’ve never seen anyone so happy flying commercial! Maybe I’ll get the bag too!!” Another laughed, “Yeah OK KJ in a real airport and not a private jet. So unreal,” with laughing emojis.

Fans Slam Kendall Jenner for Appearing to Fly Commercial in Ad

“Going places with Kendall Jenner. Neon accents bring a contemporary edge to legacy pieces from the Gucci Savoy collection in the latest campaign,” Gucci’s caption read. Other followers noticed how the supermodel’s outfit in the ad matched one she wore with ex-boyfriend Bad Bunny in their 2023 Valigeria campaign featuring the design house’s heritage-infused luggage.

“Wow did they really need to separate BB and Kendall campaign?” one fan asked, while another wrote, “It doesn’t have the same vibe without Benito,” referring to the rapper’s real name, Benito Martínez Ocasio. “We can tell this was shot as a couple campaign with Benito,” another user speculated.

Kendall and Bad Bunny, 30, never officially confirmed they were dating, but reportedly split in December 2023 after first being linked in February of that year.

In addition to flying private on her own, Kendall’s sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner each have their own jets.

Kylie, 26, purchased her Bombardier Global Express 7500 Jet for $72.8 million in April 2020. She had it painted with pink accents and customized the interior to include neon-pink lighting set a relaxing mood, a big-screen television and “Kylie Air” custom napkins, cups and other accessories.

The lip kit mogul is known for generously loaning out the plane to her siblings, as Khloé Kardashian has shared numerous photos aboard the jets during flights.

Kim, 43, purchased a Gulfstream jet in 2022 for a reported $95 million and went on to add millions more in custom upgrades. She calls her plane “Kim Air,” and it includes a second bathroom, cashmere accents on the seats, headrests, ceiling and overhead baggage compartments. She has a no shoes allowed policy, providing “custom Skims slippers” for passengers.