Fans are not on board with Kylie Jenner‘s latest modeling campaign. The beauty mogul was slathered in what appeared to be dirt on her skin and clothes for her new denim collaboration with the Swedish brand Acne Studios, which was slammed as “creepy” by fans.

Kylie, 26, was seen in one photo shared to her Instagram wearing jeans in the distressed “penicillin” wash that sells for $620 along with a $640 oversized denim jacket. She also modeled the “super baggy fit jeans” which retail for $680 along with a one-shouldered crop top. A dirt-like substance was applied to her bare skin and face with her hair made to look greasy in Instagram photos Kylie shared on September 1, writing in the caption, “@acnestudios behind the scenes.”

Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Instagram

One fan wrote in the comments, “They are running out of ideas now apparently its chic to look homeless,” while another echoed, “Are they trying to portray being homeless as sexy?” A user slammed the photo as, “Wealthy people trying to look poor.”

“What’s the point of the dirt?” one follower asked while another quipped, “Me in the mirror after i get home from the coal mine.” A user noted, “I don’t know if its just me but its giving me Walking Dead vibes,” referring to how the characters on the show often look so dirty living in a post-zombie apocalypse while another snarked, “I must be poor so, are we going for ‘dirty’ as a vibe? Or what’s next, diseased?'” One fan joked that Kylie looked like, “Me after falling off my bike when it rains.”

The brand’s website noted on Kylie’s products page, “Kylie Jenner is the new face of Acne Studios denim, photographed by Carlijn Jacobs in Los Angeles. Discover the new 2023 silhouette, ultra-oversized and unisex, alongside other iconic denim styles in the distressed Penicillin wash and a waxy oil animation.”

Fans were quick to forget about Kylie’s dirt covered look in her last of seven posts featuring new campaign once it was revealed she and actor Timothée Chalamet were photographed for the first time together, making out at Beyoncé‘s Los Angeles concert on Monday, September 4. The pair had been rumored to be dating for months, as their cars were seen leaving each other’s homes, but their public makeout confirmed the couple’s romance.

“So happy for you kylie!! Love is wonderful,” one fan wrote in the comments section on September 5, while another added, “Can’t believe how gorgeous you look when you with @tchalamet. So cute couple.” One follower gushed, “So so happy for you guys!!!! Don’t listen to the haters, don’t let the media define your relationship, love each other unconditionally, work through troubles and support one another. Wishing you happiness in this new relationship.