At just 33 years of age, Gal Gadot hasn’t done it all… but she’s done a lot. The 5-foot-10 model became Miss Israel in 2004. She served two years as a combat instructor in the Israel Defense Forces. She was a model. She studied law and international relations in college. And then, in 2017, she put all that experience together to play Wonder Woman in the blockbuster film.

To play the fictional princess, the mother-of-two added 14 pounds of muscle to her frame. “I did two hours of gym work, two hours of fight choreography, and two hours of horseback riding,” the star said of her prep. Happily, Gal’s Wonder Woman beauty routine was a lot less arduous. “It was important that she still looks natural, so I don’t wear heavy makeup,” Gal revealed at the time. “We do some contouring, very thin eyeliner and a lot of mascara.” Wonder Woman’s “very big, wavy and impressive” hair was also all Gal. Fortunately, the actress was already into healthy, curative habits before she donned the formfitting red, blue and gold costume.

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You gotta sweat for it, right?

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Prior to her 2009 film debut in Fast & Furious, Gal was a model, and skincare was a priority. “I travel a lot and my skin gets really dehydrated,” she said. “I try to avoid that by using different products and drinking lots of water.”

One of Gal’s supersecret products comes directly from her home country. “We have fantastic stuff,” the star said proudly. “We have Ahava, which is all the Dead Sea body care.”

Ahava skincare products are all natural and very potent. All products are made with ingredients from the Dead Sea, which for thousands of years has been a therapeutic destination. The mineral composition of the sea has been known to treat dry skin and acne. “I’m into anything that has to do with the sea,” Gal has admitted, adding, “The meaning of my name in Hebrew is ‘wave.'” Every morning, when Gal washes her face, she applies the concentrated moisturizer. “That’s basically it,” she admitted. “It’s always about clean and hydrated skin for me.”

Makeup-wise, Gal has a secret formula. She also adds her moisturizer to her foundation and applies it to her face using her fingers. “It looks like you’re not wearing anything, but at the same time your skin tone is even and beautiful,” she confessed.

As for her hair, she goes against the grain. “People keep telling me, ‘Don’t wash your hair every day. It’s not good for you!'” she’s said. “I wash my hair every day. But I let it dry naturally!” As with anything from clothes to skin to hair, airdrying prevents dangerous abrasion and stress.

Gal also uses another Israeli beauty brand on her wondrous tresses. “I like to keep it really clean with Dr. Fischer shampoos,” she said. “Very simple and I love the natural scent.”

The all-natural product line uses top-quality, baby-safe ingredients that promote well-being. Of course, nothing beats simply glowing from the inside out. “Once you feel good in your own skin, then your posture is different and you just feel good in your space,” Gal’s said. “Less is more… You’re pretty as you are and you don’t need anything else.”