Not to be dramatic, but we’re fully sobbing right now. Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram on Wednesday, April 24, to share the most adorable new snapshot of her daughter, Luna, and son, Miles, at the grocery store. Unfortunately, though, her caption told a much more depressing tale. 

“Luna [has] been freaking because we lost Wonder Woman somewhere,” the Cravings author, 33, wrote. “It was driving me crazy. Now, I know it’s at Whole Foods Santa Barbara.” *Side note: If you peep between the shopping carts that Luna and Miles are sitting in, you can see the Wonder Woman action figure chilling on the floor.*

Thankfully, one of Chrissy’s very important followers came to the rescue (pun fully intended). Gal Gadot a.k.a. the real-life Wonder Woman wrote, “Let me know if you need a new one and give Luna a kiss for me.” OK … if that’s not the most pure celebrity exchange of 2019, we don’t know what is. Our hearts are so full right now.

As it happens, plenty of Chrissy’s followers agreed. “Best use of social media today!” one user replied to Gal’s comment. “OMG! So much yes to this,” added another. One fan even shared a similar story, “Now, I’m jealous! I lost my favorite Wonder Woman gear when I was kid. I wish I had Luna’s connections.”

Sigh. Don’t we all? Being a celebrity kid definitely has its perks. That said, Chrissy has yet to provide an update on the situation. Did Gal show up with a new action figure? Did the Whole Foods in Santa Barbara see the post and try to locate the lost Wonder Woman? We have so many questions.

Chrissy, if you’re reading this, feel free to slide into our DMs with the details, please and thank you.

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