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Whether You’re a Rory or Lorelai, You’ll Love These ‘Gilmore Girls’-Inspired Living Rooms

We will always be obsessed with Gilmore Girls. The iconic show starring Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, Scott Patterson and Melissa McCarthy celebrates its 19th anniversary on October 5 and the characters are still just as relatable today. Whether you identify with Rory, Lorelai, Luke or Sookie — online interior design startup Modsy created living rooms that perfectly capture the personality of each iconic member of the show.

The series, which ran from 2000 to 2007, had a four-episode revival on Netflix called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life back in 2016 and was met with tons of admiration from fans. “Netflix was like, ‘We knew people liked it, but, gosh, we had no idea!’ We came back because of mainly the women who loved it, and I just think that’s still something people are surprised about,” Lauren Graham dished to an audience during the Netflix FYSee panel in May 2017.

The Gilmore Girls - 2000 Rory and Lorelai at Luke's Diner
Frank Ockenfels/Warner Bros Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock

Although the brunette actress still thinks of the show as “underrated,” she divulged why she thinks there is such a loyal fan base. “I think so many other shows present a more dystopian world. We’re still somewhat unusual in that it’s such a cozy place to go, especially if you’re a bingeing-type person, you can spend a lot of time there,” she began. “Whatever is going [on] in life, [the show] is mainly a happy place to go … We have our ups and downs, but it’s a wonderful place to live and eat and have friends and family.”

The cast was able to pick right back up where they left off 10 years later for the revival and that phenomenon was not lost on Lauren. “The fact that we were all together, we all stayed friends, our relationships had changed and matured just like in the story … it felt like an incredible gift, and I was just full of joy, and that didn’t go away,” she added.

Gilmore Girls will always hold a special place in our hearts — and now it can in our homes as well. Keep scrolling to see the gorgeous living spaces that will have you ready to cuddle up with a book and Chinese takeout!

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