The best thing about Dance Moms is watching the kids grow up before our eyes. What's crazier is seeing where they end up after leaving the show! Gino Cosculluela starred in Seasons 3 and 4 of the Lifetime show, when he was 13-16 years old. He was special because he had danced for both Abby Lee Miller's dance company, and Cathy Nesbitt-Stein's Candy Apple Dance Center. He was notorious for crushing on Maddie Ziegler, and even gave her her first kiss during a rehearsal for their duet to "That Girl Has Got To Be Kissed." Now, Gino is almost 18 years old, and his passion for dance has only increased!

Gino took his talent to the big stage in 2012, when he competed with his siblings Angela and Kevin on America's Got Talent. The trio slayed during the Las Vegas Week three-night special, and Gino solidified himself as a serious dancer. Sadly, they were eliminated after the Vegas round.

In 2016, Gino was nationally recognized as the first runner-up for Teen Male Best Dancer at the Dance Awards. Gino now trains at the Millennium Dance Complex in Miami, and in 2017 he choreographed an amazing dance to "Escalate" by Tsar B. Gino was thrilled with 2017, writing, "Thank you 2017 for the best year of dance yet! and thank you to everyone in it who made this year so great! looking forward to great things this coming year! Bring it on 2018!" He now teaches workshops for other dancers, writing in February 2018, "thank you @sdf_seansdancefactory for having me teach in your workshop! And thanks to everyone who came out!!!" We can't wait to see even more from this talented young artist!