Will they make it down the aisle? The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner gave widow Theresa Nist his final rose, but after the 72-year-old confessed he’d dated “a number of women” following the 2017 death of his wife — after misleading contestants into believing he’d been strictly single — Theresa, 70, was left “shocked,” a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “He’s been caught lying, and people are telling Theresa to think twice.” The dad of two was also accused by a former girlfriend of fat-shaming her, while fans questioned his status of “retired restaurateur,” as his most recent jobs were in maintenance work (Theresa is a financial services pro). “Now Gerry’s having to explain himself, and Theresa is questioning everything he’s ever said,” says the source, adding that the duo — who are set to wed on live TV on January 4, are still moving ahead with wedding plans. “Theresa’s friends are stressing the importance of having a prenup.”