Music's hottest couple is a couple no more. Blake Shelton left his girlfriend of two years Gwen Stefani high and dry when he dumped her before heading off on tour in February, In Touch has learned, and she's not taking it well. "Gwen doesn’t know what hit her," said the insider. "She’s heartbroken."

But wait, Gwen just posted a photo with Blake three days ago, so what gives? Apparently, it's a desperate attempt to ignore the truth. "She continues to send him loving social media support from LA while he’s been out on the road," said another insider. "But Blake has drastically slowed regular communication with her." He certainly hasn't reciprocated her online affection.

"Blake’s through with Gwen’s neediness and all the drama: her demanding, critical ex-husband and her jealousy of him and other women," explained the source. Apparently, Gwen was jealous over his closeness with The Voice winner Chloe Kohanski, and Blake got sick of trying to make her trust him. "She told him she didn’t want to spend her life in fear of her famous partner cheating on her."

"Blake told Gwen that he was going to be doing the latter part of the monthlong Country Freaks Tour without her," said the source. "Gwen was so used to accompanying him on tour, she was upended. After their nastiest argument ever, Blake took off without even saying goodbye. It was a real breaking point in the relationship."

Even worse, Blake has been looking for solace with newly-single ex-wife Miranda Lambert! “Miranda reached out to Blake via text,” said the insider. “Ultimately, they buried the hatchet and have been supporting each other through their latest troubled relationships. They’ve become close friends and allies over the past month or so. They have developed into close confidantes and are sharing intimate details of their lives.” We can only imagine how Gwen would feel about that.