Made of money! Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has racked up quite the net worth — and she has managed to branch out successfully into other industries, such as lifestyle, music and publishing. With her many successes inside and out of the entertainment business, fans are curious how much the A-lister really has in the bank.

Keep reading to learn how much money Gwyneth has.

What Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s Net Worth? 

The Goop founder is worth an estimated $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What Film Projects Has Gwyneth Paltrow Done?

The Los Angeles native was born to director-producer Bruce Paltrow and actress Blythe Danner, so she gravitated toward the industry. Her screen debut was in 1991’s Shout, after which she went on to play young Wendy Darling in Hook, opposite the late Robin Williams. In 1998, she had her breakout role as William Shakespeare’s fictional muse, Viola de Lesseps, in Shakespeare in Love — which earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

The actress later gave starring turns in many iconic films, including Se7en, Emma, The Royal Tenenbaums, Shallow Hal and Great Expectations. Additionally, Gwyneth had a big role in the Iron Man franchise, playing his girlfriend, Pepper Potts. The original 2008 grossed $585 million worldwide. She later returned to the role in two sequels, three Avengers movies and 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

No Surprises Here: Gwyneth Paltrow Is Made of Money — Learn Her Net Worth
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How Else Does Gwyneth Paltrow Make Money?

Over the years, the actress has released several singles, including “Country Strong.” The 2010 song appeared in the film of the same title, in which Gwyneth also starred.

The singer created lifestyle brand Goop in 2008. It began as a lifestyle newsletter that she sent from her home, which showcased product recommendations, recipes and other lifestyle tips and tricks. It quickly gained popularity, which allowed the business to branch out. Goop now consists of a flagship website, a podcast, a print magazine and several pop-up shops. 

In March 2019, Goop raised $50 million in Series C funding at a valuation of $250 million. After a Series C funding round, a founder’s stake is in their company is usually reduced to an estimated 30 percent. If that is the case with Goop, the actress’ paper stake in her brand is worth $75 million before taxes.

AdditionallyGwyneth has authored various cookbooks and narrated several audiobooks, including Bill Martin’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? children’s series. She is also a spokesperson for Estee Lauder fragrances and Korean fashion brand Bean Pole International.

Why Was Gwyneth Paltrow on Trial in 2023? 

In 2019, the Avengers: Endgame star was sued by a man named Terry Sanderson for a ski collision that occurred between them in February 2016 at the Deer Valley Resort in Utah. He claimed that Gwyneth knocked him over while skiing and that he sustained serious injuries as a result, including four broken ribs and a concussion. Terry initially sued Gwyneth for $3.1 million, but the amount decreased to $300,000 after several of his allegations were dropped by a court during a 2022 hearing, according to legal documents obtained by In Touch. 

For Gwyneth’s part, she countersued Terry for $1. She won the case on March 30, 2023, after it went to trial earlier that month and the jury sided with her.