Did Gypsy Rose Blanchard go from Taylor Swift’s biggest fan to her muse? The pop star’s newest album, The Tortured Poets Department, has already broken records and Gypsy reportedly believes that Taylor wrote one particular song about her life.

Sources told TMZ in a story posted on Thursday, May 9, that Gypsy, 32, thinks Taylor, 34, wrote “Fresh Out the Slammer” about her and her December 2023 prison release.

Although the claims may seem a wee bit far-fetched, there is no denying that the song’s lyrics resonate with Gypsy.

“Camera flashes, welcome bashes,” Taylor sings, which is something Gypsy experienced after she served her seven-year prison sentence in connection to her mother Dee Dee Blanchard’s death.

Gypsy was bombarded with the lights, camera and action when she re-entered the real world. Not only was she booked and busy with public appearances, but the paparazzi followed her and her family’s every move.

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Not to mention, the opening line of the song related to Gypsy’s then-relationship with estranged husband Ryan Anderson.

“Now, pretty baby, I’m running back home to you/ Fresh out the slammer, I know who my first call will be to,” the Grammy-winning artist sings.

Gypsy and Ryan, 37, tied the knot in July 2022, while she was still incarcerated at Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri. The pair enjoyed their lives together for three months before Gypsy announced they were getting a divorce in March. She is now dating boyfriend Ken Urker, who previously proposed to her in October 2018 while she was behind bars. The couple, who started their relationship as pen pals, ended their engagement in August 2019.

Although neither Gypsy nor Taylor have publicly replied to the “Fresh Out the Slammer” claims, it’s been no secret that the Lifetime star is a Swiftie.

In January, Gypsy freshened up her hair and added light highlights to her brown ​locks. The Louisiana native shared before and after photos of her transformation via Instagram Stories and paired the photos with Taylor’s song “Bejeweled.”

“Diamonds in my eyes / I polish up real, I polish up real nice / Nice!” the lyrics sang in the short clip of the tune.

The same month, Gypsy clarified her ​previous comments about wanting to meet Taylor ​when she and Ryan planned to attend a Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals NFL game. The plan was ​part of the former couple’s post-prison adventures and Gypsy was hoping to meet Taylor since she often cheered on boyfriend Travis Kelce during the 2023-2024 season.

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“So, about six months before I got out of prison, Ryan and I were looking at fun things to do in Kansas City. He saw that there was going to be a Chiefs/Bengals game [days after her release], and he’s a Bengals fan,” ​Gypsy said on a January ​8 episode of Nick Viall’s podcast, “The Viall Files.” “I said, ‘OK! That would be so cool. Let’s buy tickets.’”

Unfortunately, Gypsy’s high hopes crashed down when she was forced to leave Missouri and go back home to Louisiana in compliance with her probation officer’s instructions.