The queen of edge and class! Halsey walked the red carpet at 2019 Billboard Music Awards on May 1 in a stunning black and blue nylon dress. She left very little to the imagination in this risky ensemble, but of course she can pull it off!

Halsey at the BBMAs
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Fashion isn’t the only department the 24-year-old likes to experiment with. Recently, she collaborated with K-Pop group BTS on the song “Boy With Luv,” which she revealed she will be performing the same night.

While speaking with E! on the red carpet, the pop singer revealed that working with BTS was a blast and despite having cultural differences, it actually helped with their creative sides.

“I got two very different performances tonight. The one with BTS is super fun and friendly,” she began. “I think it really shows our personalities a lot. I think a lot of people are curious about the collaboration, because obviously the boys are from Korea, and I’m from the states.”

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“I think that we show despite what seems like a language barrier for us is really just kind of unimportant when it comes down to a bunch of young people that really love music,” she continued. “We just love hanging out and it really shows through.” We couldn’t agree more!

Not too long after Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie opened the show with “ME!” Halsey took the stage to sing the fan-favorite “Without U,” and it was incredible. She incorporated interpretative dance and instrumentals to the performance. On April 30, she quote tweeted a tweet that stated she’s now “spent half a year inside Billboard’s Hot 100 top 10,” thanks to the personal tune.

“This is absolutely wild. Thank you guys for still listening,” she wrote. “This week will probably be my last televised performance of the song, so I hope I knock it out of the park for you. What a journey …” It was a memorable one!